Sally Jones
Managing Parkinson’s in the ED
Craig Davidson, Chris Connolly, Nikki Abela
Day 3– RCEM Bournemouth #RCEM16Beach
Craig Davidson, Chris Connolly, Nikki Abela, Simon Laing
Day 2–   RCEM Bournemouth #RCEM16Beach
Andy Neill, Chris Connolly, Nikki Abela
Day 1– RCEM Bournemouth #RCEM16Beach
Becky Maxwell, Chris Connolly
Sepsis Guidelines
Becky Maxwell, Chris Connolly. Craig Davidson, Andy Neill
September 2016: New in EM
Andy Neill
Lessons learned from major trauma with Jon Jones
Andy Neill
August 2016: New in EM
Nikki Abela
Shedding light on Paediatric Trauma Imaging
Andy Neill / Becky Maxwell
Chest VTE Guideline
Andy Neill
July 2016: New in EM
Katie Knight
When Weight Loss isn’t a good thing: Neonates in the ED – Growth & Feeding
Becky Maxwell
Do Not Attempt Resuscitation
Andy Neill
June 2016: New in EM
Jonny Devaney
A Primer on Procedural Sedation
Andy Neill
May 2016: New in EM
Craig Davidson
Power Of Apology
Andy Neill
April 2016: New in EM
Edward Snelson
Metabolic Babies in the ED.. Easy As 1.. 2.. 3
Nikki Abela
Self-Actualisation and Transcendence with Simon Carley