Becky Maxwell, Chris Connolly
SIGN ACS Guideline
Neel Bhanderi
Is Normalisation of Deviance the “Standard” in Medicine?
Andy Neill, Simon Laing, Nikki Abela, Chris Connolly, Craig Davidson, and Ken Milne
October 2016 New in EM
Sally Jones
Managing Parkinson’s in the ED
Craig Davidson, Chris Connolly, Nikki Abela
Day 3– RCEM Bournemouth #RCEM16Beach
Craig Davidson, Chris Connolly, Nikki Abela, Simon Laing
Day 2–   RCEM Bournemouth #RCEM16Beach
Andy Neill, Chris Connolly, Nikki Abela
Day 1– RCEM Bournemouth #RCEM16Beach
Becky Maxwell, Chris Connolly
Sepsis Guidelines
Becky Maxwell, Chris Connolly. Craig Davidson, Andy Neill
September 2016: New in EM
Andy Neill
Lessons learned from major trauma with Jon Jones
Andy Neill
August 2016: New in EM
Nikki Abela
Shedding light on Paediatric Trauma Imaging
Andy Neill / Becky Maxwell
Chest VTE Guideline
Andy Neill
July 2016: New in EM
Katie Knight
When Weight Loss isn’t a good thing: Neonates in the ED – Growth & Feeding
Becky Maxwell
Do Not Attempt Resuscitation
Andy Neill
June 2016: New in EM
Jonny Devaney
A Primer on Procedural Sedation
Andy Neill
May 2016: New in EM
Craig Davidson
Power Of Apology