Nikki Abela
An Education in (Social) Practice
Becky Maxwell / Chris Connolly
NICE Spinal Injury Guidelines
Andy Neill, Dave McCreary
March 2017 New in EM
Nikki Abela
ED Education in Theory
Andy Neill / Charlotte Davies
Ovarian HyperStimulation Syndrome
Andy Neill
Temp Taking and How to Take It
Andy Neill / Dave McCreary
February 2017 New in EM
Sammy Batt-Rawden
The Rules of The House of God
Chris Connolly / Becky Maxwell
BTS/SIGN Asthma Guidelines Part 2 – Children
Andy Neill / Simon Laing
RCEM FOAMed Update
Andy Neill
Acute Behavioural Disturbance
Charlotte Davies
Time Management
Simon Laing / Nikki Abela / Craig Davidson
December 2016 New in EM
Becky Maxwell / Chris Connolly
BTS/SIGN Asthma Guideline 2016 Part 1
Nikki Abela
W is for Winter.. and Wheeze Paediatric Acute Asthma
Katie Knight
PEM and ex-Prems
AndyNeill, Barbara Backus, Edd Carlton, Dan Horner, Simon Carley
November 2016 New in EM
Becky Maxwell, Chris Connolly
SIGN ACS Guideline
Neel Bhanderi
Is Normalisation of Deviance the “Standard” in Medicine?
Andy Neill, Simon Laing, Nikki Abela, Chris Connolly, Craig Davidson, and Ken Milne
October 2016 New in EM