Jonny Devaney
A Primer on Procedural Sedation
Andy Neill
May 2016: New in EM
Craig Davidson
Power Of Apology
Andy Neill
April 2016: New in EM
Edward Snelson
Metabolic Babies in the ED.. Easy As 1.. 2.. 3
Nikki Abela
Self-Actualisation and Transcendence with Simon Carley
Neel Bhanderi
Floating in the Face of Danger: MaxFax injuries in the ED
Dr Mark Winstanley / Dr Richard Wellings
The use of CT in Trauma – Tri-Service Emergency Medicine Conference 2015
Louisa Mitchell
Things I wish I’d learnt before Emergency Medicine and Parenthood
Nikki Abela
RCEM Leeds Day 3
Nikki Abela / Andy Neill / Simon Laing
RCEM Leeds Day 2
Andy Neill
RCEM Leeds Day 1
Simon Laing
March 2016: New in EM
Nikki Abela
The Curious Incident of the Barking Cough in the Night Time: Croup in the ED
Emma Redfern / Becky Maxwell (@emmarefern5 / @maxirebecca)
The Safety Toolkit
Chris Connolly
IV fluid in Children
Andy Neill
Management for the FRCEM
Nikki Abela / Yvette Ruddock
Ready Steady Blow
Edward Snelson
Recognising Paediatric Sepsis
Susie Hewitt
Emergency Casebook: It’s Cold Outside